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  • NCTC started spraying around certain areas of our yard after I got tired to finding ticks on my dogs every day. After one application the problem disappeared. They continued to spray for several more months when I thought maybe our tick problem was gone. WRONG. The month after our last application the ticks came back in full force! With a house full of kids and pets who are ALWAYS outdoors it gives me peace of mind knowing that they are all protected and I plan to be on a seasonal plan going forward.

    Rating: Kuhn Family

  • Rob, Just wanted to take a minute to tell you how much Nicole, Madison and I appreciate your organic spray! One of my biggest fears for my Wife and Daughter is Lymes disease. I myself have suffered from it for many years. When I heard about your organic spray it seemed like the only option for our family to regain control of our yard! Ticks especially have been terrible and pushed us to stay inside! After hiring you to spray our yard we regained control and was finally able to enjoy our time outdoors. We went from constantly pulling ticks off of ourselves and our dog to it not even being an issue. For that we cannot thank you enough for providing a very economical, organic solution to these pests! Thanks for giving us our outdoor life style back!

    Rating: Grant Hilfiger