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  • Your first line of defense against preventing ticks and keeping your family healthy is reducing the population right in your own backyard. Having your yard or outdoor space sprayed with our safe, organic pesticide spray can significantly reduce the number of ticks and other unwanted insects.

    We offer several service plans designed to best fit your needs. If you and your family enjoy spending time outdoors, our single or seasonal plans will keep you reassured that your loved ones are protected.

    Seasonal Plan: 

    Monthly application, April 1st - December 1st 

    Single Application: 

    Single application for special events

    Mosquito and Flea Application:

    Specific application to reduce mosquito and flea problems

    Friends & Family Referral Rewards:

    Not only can your friends and family benefit from a healthy solution to ticks but you can earn money through our referral rewards plan. Earn $25 off your next application for each new person who signs up based on your referral. Stack enough referrals and your next service could be FREE!


    **Natural Choice Tick Control will dramatically reduce the number of ticks, bugs and insects found in your outdoor space. However, because of the nature of these insects we can not guarantee complete elimination.